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Why Chris Staubes?

Chris Staubes is the right candidate

Chris Staubes is the candidate with the experience and skills necessary to ensure our citizens weather the severe economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic successfully. 

When you look at each candidate’s track record, ask yourself who you want working on your behalf in Columbia to rebuild our economy? Who has overcome adversity? Who has found opportunities where none seemed to exist? Who has the experience to get us through the upcoming economic downturn, and to make sure SC is well positioned to experience growth in its aftermath? Chris has the proven ability to bring people together to accomplish a common goal. 

Small Business Experience:

  • President Emeritus, Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. Chris grew the organization from 100 business members to well over 400 business members. 
  • Established and worked within a budget that has given the organization the ability to weather the economic downturn successfully. 
  • Owner, Staubes Law Firm, LLC. Has represented hundreds of SC businesses and knows first hand what business owners need to be successful.
  • Has employed over 100 employees, and knows what it takes to make payroll.

Community Experience:

  • President, Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The local council serves over 5,000 families and 172 units across 9 SC counties. Chris was specifically recruited to this position because the local council wanted someone with experience overcoming adversity and the skills necessary to make sure the local council was not adversely affected by the national bankruptcy. Chris has done an excellent job leading the  local council. 

Education Experience:

  • Former Elected Board of Trustees Member, Charleston County School District. Over 28,000 of his fellow citizens thought enough of Chris in 2014 to elect him to represent their interests on the school board. One week before he was elected, the District's longest serving Superintendent resigned, and Chris was faced with the prospect of running the second largest school district in the state, serving 50,000 students and 5,000 employees, without the aid of a permanent Superintendent. Chris faced this challenge head on and hired an experienced Superintendent to run the day to day operation of the District. In this position, Chris oversaw a $500,000,000.00 (half a billion dollar) annual budget, and managed over 80 schools across a 50 mile stretch of coastal SC

Personal Bio:

  • Lifelong resident of the Lowcountry.
  • Married for 23 years. 
  • Father of 3.
  • BA, Wofford College.
  • JD, University of SC.


The Platform



Transparency and Communication


We live in the fastest growing region of our state, yet our infrastructure, roads and bridges have not kept pace with our growth. Our local state representatives should be united by the common goal of making sure our tax dollars come back to the Lowcountry. When money is already allocated to road projects, such as Highway 41 or Clements Ferry, we need to make sure government is working for the people so those projects move forward in a timely manner. It is imperative that our bridges are safe and adequately meet our traffic needs.

As a conservative republican, Chris will work with state and federal officials to make sure the infrastructure needs of the Lowcountry are always considered. We are home to a major port, the military, and to many national and multinational companies. Our importance to the country and state cannot be ignored. Chris' proven track record of success in commerce and government proves he is the right candidate to advocate for the residents of Hanahan, Daniel Island, Goose Creek and Mount Pleasant in Columbia. 

CCSD Charleston School District Berkeley Act 388 education Chris Staubes


Transparency and Communication


Every child deserves a quality education. Unfortunately our system for funding education is broken. When Act 388 was passed for the noble purpose of reducing property taxes on primary residences, the state imposed a sales tax on the citizens to make up the difference.  As an elected member of the Charleston County School Board (2014-2018) it became clear that Donor counties such as Charleston and Berkeley only receive back 1/3rd of the sales tax dollars they send to Columbia, which means local taxpayers either get hit with an extra tax when county-level officials increase the millage on their property tax bills or their traditional and charter schools suffer when the problem is ignored. There are certainly opportunities to cut costs at every level of government, but that does not change the fact that most everyone agrees the system created by Act 388 is broken. As a conservative republican I plan to stand up for the taxpayers of Berkeley and Charleston counties so our tax dollars work to educate our children.


Transparency and Communication

Transparency and Communication

Transparency and Communication

Anyone who has worked with Chris will tell you he is quick to respond and values the opinions of those he serves. During his years as  President of the Mount Pleasant Business Association and then the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, Chris regularly updated the growing membership with regular social media post and a monthly newsletter. As President of the Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Chris oversaw a significant modernization of the Council's web presence, then with the assistance and support of his marketing team and senior leadership, implemented a process to help troops and leaders communicate their successes and accomplishments to the community as a whole. 

Chris believes your government should work for you. As your elected Representative, Chris will update you on matters of importance on the local and state level and will appreciate hearing your input. 

Daniel Island Mount Pleasant Hanahan Berkeley Charleston 41 Clements Ferry 526 conservative Port

United By Common Goals

United By Common Goals

Transparency and Communication

When we pursue our common interests, rather than focusing on our differences, our community succeeds. The Lowcountry has much to offer, and the world has taken notice. We have beaches, climate, tourism, hospitality and we are business friendly. While this speaks to the greatness of our area, it also means growth. Growth requires planning and infrastructure. The residents of Hanahan, Daniel Island, Goose Creek and Mount Pleasant cannot afford to rely on others to look out for our needs. We need people in Columbia with a solid understanding of our needs, and a proven ability to work with others to get things done. 

As President Emeritus of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, Chis Staubes is well aware of the importance of our Port, our military, and the many companies that call the Lowcountry home. As a conservative Republican, Chris will take this message to Columbia, and will make sure our needs are considered in every aspect of the legislative process.

Boy Scouts Mt. Pleasant DI

Serving Our Community

United By Common Goals

Serving Our Community

Chris has a reputation for bringing people together to pursue a common vision. Chris grew the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce into the influential organization it is today. As an elected member of the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees, he oversaw the construction and opening of multiple state-of-the-art schools. As President of the Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Chris leads over 5,000 scouts, across 172 units in 9 counties. By focusing on what brings us together, Chris has the leadership skills to bridge the gap in the State House so long overdue matters can finally be addressed and our state can focus on the future.  


Your Vote Counts

United By Common Goals

Serving Our Community

Only 2,707 people voted during the 2018 republican primary, with the victor receiving 1,695 or 62.6% of the votes. The conservative candidate who inspires the most supporters to vote on June 9th wins. Historically the winner of the June 9th Primary Election is favored to win the November 3, 2020 Election.   

How can you help? First, commit to vote on June 9th and November 3rd. Second, tell your friends and family you support Chris Staubes, and share links you see on social media. During these trying times when we are sheltering at home, it is likely this campaign will be won on reputation alone, not flashy billboards and signs. Third, make sure your friends and family vote on June 9th and November 3rd. Fourth, donate what you can to help offset costs. These are all ways to help us achieve our common goals.

Due to Covid-19 and our inability to predict the future, prepare yourself to make an absentee ballot. Information about the process of making an absentee voting can be found at  Please vote June 9th. 


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